15 K Village Run

Anyone older than 18 years old and who brings a valid medical report or license and delivers the payment slip is entitled to participate in the competition.

It is also imperative that competitors under 18 get their parents’ permission.

There will be different categories in the race.

Age Categories
40- 40-
40+ 40+

Any participant, who completes the requested documents, delivers them to us via internet and deposits the participation fee, is deemed entitled to participate in the competition. He will be given a breast number, which he will receive one day before the race from one of the officials. Each participant will compete on basis of his own qualifications and each participant is responsible for himself. Participants cannot wear any political or provocative t-shirts. This can be a reason of disqualification. Groups or persons competing under a social responsibility project are obliged to inform the organization beforehand.


Participants participating in the Ida Ultra 15 K Village race are deemed to have accepted all rules and any changes that may be made to these rules until the registration. The Ida Ultra Organization cannot be held responsible for any material, moral damages or accidents that may occur.

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