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35 K Zeus Run

Run Zeus

Anyone older than 18 years old may participate in the competition. Anyone who brings a valid medical report or license and delivers the payment slip is entitled to participate in the competition.

Participation fees are indicated in the table underneath.

Competitors participating in the Run Zeus will be able to recollect their spare bags and clothes given to the organization team at the end of the race based on their chest number.

Run Zeus Fee Table
Length (km)5th March - 2nd June3rd June - 15th September 16th September -26th November
36                            125 TL                                           150 TL                            180 TL

Cancellation Policy

If you back down from participation to the race for any reason the following refund conditions apply:

  • If you give up 60 days before the race day, 70% of the race fee will be refunded
  • If you give up 30 days before the race day, 50% of the race fee will be refunded.
  • Registration fees will not be refunded on cancellations less then 30 days before the race day.

Requested changes before the last registration day:

  • The fee is not refunded for a transition to a lower priced race.
  • Difference is added for transitions to a higher priced race

Participation Fee Payment

Participants may pay the previously determined fee for the competition to the specified bank by wire transfer or EFT or credit card from new entry.

The description of the transfer must be 'Ida Mountains Ultra- name/surname'

Account Name: Polat Dede
Name of Bank: Garanti Bank
Branch Name: Işıklar Branch
Branch Code: 320
Account Number: 6653877
Iban No: TR 230006200032000006653877

* After payment you can use our forum to send us your bank statement in PDF or Jpeg format.

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